First Voice Affiliate Program

First Voice Affiliate Program is a subsidiary of Think Safe. Think Safe is a unique safety company committed to improving access to technology and training for CPR, first aid, medical and other emergencies. Think Safe believes in our social mission of Making Minutes Matter and our First Voice products have earned us many awards. The company and it's First Voice product line were founded by entrepreneur Paula Wickham & Annette Carter, a helicopter trauma nurse who saw many unprepared people and unfortunate events while working for a large regional midwest hospital service provider.

The company's products are sold by dealers to allow small businesses dealership and sales capabilities of the First Voice product line, the company has introduced an affiliate program. Now even small business owners and trainers can easily promote preparedness products. The program is free of charge and success with the program has been easily accomplished by existing partners. The potential for earnings is unlimited and allows our dealer network to benefit from their clients shopping online for low-cost and top-rated consumer safety products. Think Safe provides the product mix to offer (150+ first aid & safety items to chose from), effective email materials and campaign details, press release assistance, and graphics or other marketing materials that you can add to your website.

Organizations enrolled in our program receive a First Voice Affiliate dedicated web address link via email which is then sent out to patrons, allowing them to purchase their first aid & safety items from our online store at competitive prices. The monthly, 30% of all sales come back to our affiliates in the form of monthly or quarterly dividends, which is all report driven. The great news is that your patrons can further forward this link to their friends and family and exponentially increase your income capacity with little effort!

To find out more about First Voice Affiliate program, call us at 319-377-5125 or email us at for a free demo and information packet.

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